Master’s Degree: Leadership in Open Education

logo of University of Nova GoricaThis just in from my contacts from the UNESCO program, Open Education for a Better World:

University of Nova Gorica and the UNESCO chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Learning have launched an international Master’s Degree Program Leadership in Open Education and are inviting candidates to join the second generation of students, starting their study in October 2021. The program supports implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on OER by providing excellent capacity building opportunities in this field. Students will be guided by an international team of experts towards understanding connections between strategic, pedagogical, technological, business and social aspects of Open Education. Graduates will master development and implementation of Open Education from the level of courses and study programs to institutional, national and transnational levels. They will be able to competently lead projects, initiatives, communities and strategic development in the field of Open Education in academic or non-academic environment. Study will be carried out prevailingly or completely on-line, depending on circumstances. Candidates are invited to apply. They can also send a message to to get information about options for financial support or to make an appointment for individual consultations. The call for admissions is open and ends on 1 July, 2021.

More information:

I think that it is great that this program exists. More and more colleges and institutions are turning toward OER, open textbooks, and open practices in general. We will need this expertise as institutions make the culture shift to open. Spread the word. If you have participated in similar programs or know of others, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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