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This is a note that Matthew DeCarlo sent out today. This is of particular interest for myself on two levels. The first is that I have worked with online Social Work degree programs (such as Humboldt State’s online Master’s in Social Work program); and second, this work represents a model of excellence for any discipline wanting to support their students and faculty with openly licensed materials.

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I recently completed a project (with Anne Marie Gruber, Textbook Equity Librarian at the University of Northern Iowa). Together, we curated a library of open textbooks and scholarly books for social work.

There are over 60 open textbooks relevant to social work education that we found and organized here:

There are over 100 open access books relevant to social work education that we found and organized here:

If you have questions about how to adopt an open textbook or create one of your own, please see this open access teaching note just published in the Journal of Social Work Education:

These are a few updates from my project with Kim Pendell, Social Work & Social Sciences Librarian at Portland State University, Open Social Work. We just published our fall newsletter which highlights fall conference presentations on social work OER that are available on YouTube as well as recent publications of textbooks and journal articles that are openly licensed.

Read it here: And subscribe to our semesterly newsletter here:

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