Pacific Northwest OER Directory

This looks like another new and worthy effort coming out of Oregon. If you are interested in Open Education, Open Education Resources (OER), or Open Textbooks, I would encourage you to take a look at the Pacific Northwest OER Directory. What is awesome about this is that it came out of an OER pre-conference and it includes links to people, not just stuff:

The Pacific Northwest OER Directory is a curated list of resources and toolkits, people, and distribution lists for academic librarians interested in textbook affordability. We define textbook affordability efforts broadly to include use of open educational resources (OER), library resources, open pedagogy and OER-enabled pedagogy, and other related practices.

It came out of a pre-conference session at the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) – Oregon conference called “Collaboration and Cross-Pollination: Creative Solutions to OER Challenges.” It has been my experience with education and OER that the real innovations are coming out of the libraries right now. This project is certainly evidence of that. The 2016 conference was a joint Oregon/Washington effort.

The directory of people is important because the next wave of innovation in the OER space is when educators throw off the commercial textbook mentality (one textbook/solution for every community) and learn how to adapt OER to the needs of their own learning communities. We need to talk to one another to do this!

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