Prisoner106: The Job Announcement

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Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I write fiction and poetry. I have also taught English lit and composition. I work in education administration at the moment. There is nothing wrong with that – I do a lot of very good work for students, faculty, and staff (whether they know it or not) and I believe in making education available for as many people as I can regardless of their background or economic status – that is basically my mission in life. Sometimes this mission does not always connect with my other mission which is to create art. But one thing that I have done a lot of in admin work is write job descriptions, so I thought, “what a great assignment: have a student write a job description for a fictional character.” What if Sherlock Holmes had to write a job description for his Dr. Watson? Or what would the job description of a teacher of the Dark Arts at Hogwarts look like? So I thought, here I am in Prisoner106 immersing myself in The Prisoner, what would a job description for No. 2 look like? So I wrote one using the common California State University job description as a guide. But being the Fluxus-revolutionary-monkey-wrencher that I am, I went ahead and posted it to Craigslist Humboldt and Craigslist London just to see how long it would take for it to come down or to see if I got any responses to it.

Here in Humboldt County, CA, USA, they actually use the “Government” section of the job ads to post job ads – it was flagged one day and removed the next. In London, however, they have something else going on. It seems that most of the jobs in Craigslist London are about sex, porn, and escort services and does not seem to be monitored very well. I have some appreciative emails from Merry Olde England and it has disappeared from California. I posted the California version below. The UK version as of this writing is still here.


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Date: July 5, 2015
Title:() No. 2 Position at “The Village”
Posting Number: 03191928
Department: Administration
Location: The Village
Position: No. 2
Percentage of Full Time: 100%
Months per Year: 12
Salary Range: Neg. (Dependent on experience.)
Position Type: Executive

General Statement:
Under direction of the No. 1, this position assists in the operations of “The Village.” No. 2 will direct the operations of The Village – a “retirement” home for recently resigned intelligence personnel. No. 2 will supervise department directors including senior hospital staff, will work closely with the Security personnel to implement training programs designed to assist residents in acclimatizing and assimilating into their community. No. 2 will over-see our highly successful “Rover” program for defense and prisoner retrieval. A high degree of independent judgment and creativity is required to resolve many minor and major problems when they occur. Stress management skills are essential in this psychologically demanding position. No. 2 will be required to work a schedule that provides on-site support for day and evening staff; and directs the work of other staff and prisoner employees as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
• A combination of education and experience equivalent to possession of a Masters degree in psychology, or a closely related field
• A minimum of ten (10) years experience working in the military, military intelligence, secret services or a related field
• Demonstrated sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse military, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and weaknesses of the intelligence community

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. Advanced skills and extensive knowledge in the use of the intelligence community and psy-ops
2. Knowledge of effective interrogation, re-education, and asset management and reorientation
3. Experience managing recalcitrant prisoners with highly sensitive information
4. Knowledge of CCTV and other surveillance operations
5. Advance information management skills
6. Ability to work with both PC and Macintosh
7. Excellent skill in the use of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Windows & Outlook
8. Excellent skill in the use of iWorks applications, including Keynote, Pages, & Numbers, iTunes and iTunesU
9. Excellent verbal, written communication and presentation skills
10. Skill in research methodologies, resources, data analysis and documentation
11. Skill in respectful, sensitive communication with people at all levels within organizations that are diverse in their cultures, language groups and abilities
12. Skill in directing the work of others
13. Skill in program planning, implementation and evaluation
14. Skill in working accurately under deadline pressure

Preferred Qualifications: Phd. in Psychology, Philosophy (Logic) with an experience with Post-Modern Critical Theory and senior level military or intelligence community experience.
Vague European accent; penchant for accessorising (scarves, hats, monocles, etc.); willingness to engage in blisteringly ironic witty banter.

Benefits: Benefits include paid holidays, vacation and sick leave. Free housing in The Village. Travel (local taxi and helicopter service), Optional tax-deferred flexible benefit 403(b) and 457 plans are available, and other competitive retirement benefits.

First Review Date: 08/28/2015

Open Until Filled: Yes (We accept applications on an on-going basis.)

The Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer that seeks to employ individuals who represent the rich divesity of cultures, language groups, and abilities of its surrounding communities and beyond, and yet will still embrace conformity.

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  1. I love this!! Totally appropriate and awesomely creative!

    and the edge of actually posting it on Craig’s List! 🙂 And now I understand the tweets around it in our building story of Prisoner106.

    I think we have been on parallel professional paths as well – glad we both found ds106 to keep us balanced. I retired early due to family health needs – but have to say it seems to have been a reward in disguise. I don’t miss the job description writing! But it may be an assignment to look at completing….;-)

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