Promoting Open Textbooks

This is a presentation that I have used for the last ten years to promote open textbooks and OER at various campuses I have worked at. It is in desperate need of updating but I think it is a good model and one that I am going to pursue at Green River College as well. The data in this presentation starting at slide 40 comes from a survey I did of students in the Biology dept at Humboldt State University – it provided a striking profile of our students.

My typical strategy is as follows:

  1. Connect with faculty – survey them and find out who is doing what.
  2. Go to dept meetings and discuss the issues with faculty.
  3. Talk to students in student government and the newspaper.
  4. Find a faculty member in a high stakes, high cost course – such as Biology 100 and pilot.
  5. Survey those students afterwards and publish the results.

In addition to this, what I learned at Humboldt State University is to NOT FORGET THE LIBRARY. The library is an invaluable ally (given the right library dean). I had the good fortune of working with the Library Dean, Cyril Oberlander, at HSU (formerly of CUNY). He is a tireless and transformational advocate for open textbooks and open practices. A transformational advocate is not just alliterative hyperbole: he has had the librarians creating online OER research guides for faculty in all disciplines.


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