Turn-You-In: Stop Plagiarism Before It Happens

Students as hackers.

Do you REALLY know your students?

Do we really know who are students are? Especially online students? What kind of student takes an online class? Our research has shown that most students who cheat in online classes are the kind of student who also takes online classes. What do we do about rampant online cheating? There are services that detect plagiarism WHEN it happens, but wouldn’t it be better if we could protect the reputation of the institution BEFORE it happens? This is where Turn-You-In enters the stage.

What is Turn-You-In?

We at GBC Education Consulting are designing a system of three artificially intelligent systems that each analyze and cross-reference student data: past performance, grades, club memberships and social hygiene, demographics, biometrics, k- 12 permanent records, and retinal scans, and predict who will commit plagiarism, even before the student knows that they are about to do it.

It Sounds Complicated and Expensive

It is complicated: the biometrics monitoring system and retinal scanning that tracks student behavior throughout the school year generates amounts of data that most colleges are not prepared to manage, but in a couple of years, the system pays for itself. Make sure that you have a policy in place that says that students who are expelled for cheating will not get a refund in tuition. According to the International Center for Academic Integrity, 68% of undergraduates report that they have committed some form of plagiarism at one time or another. Imagine a system that will allow you to harvest tuition from expelled students AND raise the academic integrity of your institution! It is complicated: the three systems of pre-cognitively intelligent AI, the databases and server farms for managing student data are all located at a “secure” undisclosed, foreign location to prevent hackers from gaining access and to help manage any legal complications that you, as an administrator will not want to have to worry about.

What About Mistakes?

If 68% of the student population is already going to plagiarize any way, the odds of a “mistake” are few. Occasionally, in tests, one of the databases will rarely disagree with the others but these minority reports are are routinely discarded as glitches which can happen in any complex system.

This is your big chance to get in on the ground floor of the future of pre-cognitive surveillance education. Contact this blog about investing now!

Student caught plagiarsing

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  1. This is pretty funny.

  2. Liz Falconer says:

    Hilarious, and a bit disturbing….!

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