My History of Not Running for Office

Seal of the VPThere was a golden era on the internet when companies were so desperate for content they would publish pretty much anything. There were at one time in the 90s five or six free press release services that would basically send out anything you sent them to websites that that were stupid enough to subscribe to their services. I think there was someone cursorily checking for porn and hate speech but basically anything that looked even close to passable news got through. I started a tradition with myself – every four years, I declined to run for the vice-presidency, whether it was offered to me or not.  These would show up at generic news sites, trade journal sites, union newsletter sites, etc. Sometimes in sites that supported hunting magazines. Here is a blast from the past that I found recently on a site that I sent out in 2004:

Cain Declines Nomination

Geoffrey B. Cain will not accept nominations for the vice-presidency. His schedule and lack of ambition thwart the hopes of many.

Aptos, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2004 — Writer and educator Geoffrey B. Cain will not run as vice-president on any ticket this year no matter who runs as president. “I have a lot of respect for Kerry,” said Cain, “but I have grammar classes to teach and students to tutor at two community colleges.” Cain is described by those who work with him as “a busy man with places to be.”

Cain’s famous rolled-up sleeves and can-do style would make him an obvious choice for many, but, as Cain says, “I gotta tell Kerry, ‘sorry sailor, my dance card is full.'” Cain has not yet received the call, but he expects it any day now. “I dread having the phone ring. I am almost relieved when it is a fund-raising call.”

Cain has not been directly involved in politics in the past, and his lack of political ambition does not stop at the vice presidency. Cain would have declined the nomination for presidency this year, but there were just too many scheduling conflicts. We can look forward to his not running for president in following elections, he says.

The Cain Family is a virtual West Coast dynasty of those who have not run for office. At the turn of the century, Cain’s great-grandfather was too busy scratching out a living as a farmer to oppose William McKinley’s vice-president Theodore Roosevelt. It would not have occurred to his grandfather to run against Woodrow Wilson’s running mate Thomas R. Marshall. Cain’s father, James Cain, was too busy teaching school and actually supporting Kennedy to even think of opposing vice-presidential candidate Lyndon B. Johnson. The thought had never even crossed his mind, mused his son, Geoffrey Cain.

Geoffrey B. Cain is a teacher and tutor who works in Monterey Peninsula College’s English and Study Skills Center and in Cabrillo College’s Writing Center. He also writes novels, short-stories, and poetry.


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