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NWeLearn: Universal Design for Learning Practices and Ideas

These are my random notes from a conference session. The usual caveats apply: any disorganization is based on my own interests and abilities, not the presenters. Contents may settle in shipping. Description We will introduce the basic concepts of Universal … Continue reading

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NWeLearn: An Accessible Course

These are some brief notes from an accessibility presentation I went to at the North West eLearn Conference. My usual disclaimer: the rambling nature of my notes represents my interests and abilities, not those of the presenter, who was just … Continue reading

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OERs and Accessibility

It was a great morning at Open Ed 2015. I spent the morning in sessions with Amanda Coolidge, Sue Doner, Sam Johnson, Tara Robertson, Skip Stahl, Jutta Treviranus because I am particularly interested in the connections between OERs and instructional … Continue reading

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Biology eAcademy: Course Accessibility and Universal Design

Presented by Brett Cristie – Lets talk about Universal Design for Learning because we are talking about course redesign. Accessible Technology InitiativeFrom a Jan. 1, 2006: “Information Technology Procurement and Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities” Instructional Materials Accessibility Are My … Continue reading

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