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Promoting Academic Integrity Online

It happens online and off! (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The instructional designers in the College of eLearning & Extended Education can assist you in developing a wide variety of assessment methods that can minimize cheating, promote academic integrity, and increase the … Continue reading

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Promoting Academic Honesty Online

#143071328 / Every semester we deal with questions like “how do you know the person enrolled in the course is the one taking the test?” The instructional designers in Humboldt State University’s College of eLearning & Extended Education often assist faculty  in … Continue reading

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Promoting Authentic Learning in the Age of AI

As an instructional designer and former English teacher, I have mixed feelings about using A.I. to produce school work. If there is a learning outcome that is legitimately met by a particular tool (including AI), then fine – let’s include … Continue reading

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Turn-You-In: Stop Plagiarism Before It Happens

Do you REALLY know your students? Do we really know who are students are? Especially online students? What kind of student takes an online class? Our research has shown that most students who cheat in online classes are the kind … Continue reading

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20 Things to Do Before Accusing a Student of Plagiarism

This is not a traditional blog posting for this site. What happened is that I ran into writer and KPU Applied Communications instructor Arley McNeney on Twitter who posted a rapid -fire dozen tweets on addressing plagiarism, TurnItIn, and sound … Continue reading

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#Rhizo14: “Cheating” as Learning Modality

I have had to address “cheating” in education is a very real way here at Humboldt State. I have instructors who are new to online learning and that is one of the first things they asked – how do we … Continue reading

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Open Ed 13: Using Open Badges and an Open Course to Enhance & Extend Learning

Daniel Randall, Buck Harrison, Dr. Richard West, and Garrett R. Hickman from Brigham Young University. “We will present our design for an open badge system currently in use in an undergraduate technology course for education majors. Our design is an … Continue reading

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Look Before We Leap: Evaluating Ed Tech

The willy-nilly embracing of AI in education and ChatGPT in particular has got me thinking again about the importance of rubrics for the evaluation of education technology. I think we are at a place where all of the efforts that … Continue reading

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